Posted by: Celine Cousteau | November 3, 2009

Tulane University

Last Thursday I spoke at Tulane University, invited by the Newcomb College Institute for their Powerhouse Speaker series. While there I had lunch with the Brazilian studies group- faculty and staff- and a women in science group- to talk about their interests in various fields including science, journalism, non-profit work, ecology, human rights, and more.

I also had an opportunity to see the work of the Make it Right Foundation in the 9th ward of New Orleans. Though it is a great start, there is still much more to give to those who have lost so much because of Hurricane Katrina. Consider donating.



  1. Bonjour Céline,

    J’aime ta vision des choses, enfin… ce que j’ai pu en voir sur la toile.
    Je vis aux TNO dans le Nord canadien et je me demandais si la mer de Beaufort et ses communautés t’intéresseraient.

    Au plaisir


    • Maxence- Merci de ton mot. Je dois avouer que tout m’intéresse un peu, surtout la relation de l’être humain avec son environnement. Je n’ai pas encore eu l’occasion d’aller dans ce coin- peut-être un jour. Cette année 2012 est déjà chargé de projets, heureusement, et en même temps, cela veut dire qu’il faut parfois reporter d’autres possibilités dans le future. Amicalement- Céline

  2. Hi Celine,
    Am so glad that lady of your status is out to meet people and share with them meals and knowledge and hence appreciate what they go through and plan together for the GOOD their lives. Thanks so much for being an ambassador of CLEAN UP THE WORLD and we are proud to be memebers of that great organisation. Please when time and other resources allow you, please i invite you to come to Uganda and visit our centre so that we can have great time with you as see the different way things and climate is handled in Uganda.
    Stay blessed,

    • Doreen- I very much appreciate this invitation. It’s too bad I did not read this earlier as I was just in Uganda last November filming another short video for a non-profit based in Kampala doing great work near Masaka with the farming communities. Perhaps my journeys will take me there again. In the meantime, please keep doing what you are- Clean Up the World is such a great tangible campaign.
      My best to you- Céline

  3. Aloha Celine,
    Your speech at the American Public Health Association was inspirational-thank you! I was so delighted to meet you and because you have never been to Micronesia-specifically to Yap- and because of your interest in medical humanitarian missions, I am really really hoping you can come with me or other volunteers to Yap soon. Actually we are trying to put a mission together this March-between March 19th and March 26th 2010. Any chance you may be uncommitted to other things (it is Easter break) and able to join us if it happens? I am also trying to take nursing students there in the summer of 2010. Please look at Aloha Medical Mission online to see the types of missions we have done. I was in Yap in 2007 which was a mission coordinated with Hokulea’s voyaging canoe journey there and I have had friends there ever since and long to return…there is work to be done, stories to be told, and some wonderful healthy ocean life to also see and document:-)plenty of beautiful sharks and rays, gorgeous coral…and the nicest, friendliest people…you have my card or can find me at Hawaii Pacific University (nursing dept).
    Thank you so much,
    Kathy Sassi MSN APRN Public Health CNS-BC FNP
    PS If you do come, and you come through Hawaii on the way to Yap, can you consider speaking to our oceanography dept (or psychology dept, or art, or any of us) and to my nursing honor society?

    • Thank you Kathleen- I know this reply is so late- but I’ve been off the blogs for a bit of time. Cheers-Céline

    • Kathleen- thank you so much for this invite- it sounds like a wonderful and worthwhile journey. Obviously since I am only just now reading this, March is coming and going and I can’t make it to Yap. Remind me now and again if there is another similar opportunity- you never know!
      Cheers- Céline

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