I travel the world gathering information and stories, through traditional knowledge and contemporary views, that highlight the relationship to and dependence of humans on the environment so we can better connect to it and understand  how to better live lightly within in. I gather these experiences through my filmmaking and speaking or participating in conferences worldwide. The topics I chose to speak about are those I have witnessed or lived.

A wise Achuar leader in Peru reminded me that as great as my intentions are to tell the stories, I can always do more…we can all do more. So I chose to go Beyond the Story and give back to those places or people I am reporting about. To this end and in addition to my independent productions, I have created a non-profit CauseCentric Productions, to produce short documentaries about the efforts of small organizations and individuals working on social and environmental issues.  My camera helps me tell these stories to the rest of the world, the film becomes a tool for the organization or person.


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