Posted by: Celine Cousteau | March 15, 2010

Nov to now

Months have flown by and I’m finally catching up on this c-log.

I kicked off the month of November speaking to a great audience at Roger Williams University-

The American Public Health Association’s Annual conference was held in Philadelphia on Nov 8 and I was honored to speak on the same stage with the (then) newly appointed sugeon general of the Unites States, VADM Regina M. Benjamin. A crowd of 10,000 incredible public health practitioners sat in this giant hall, kicking off an incredible series of workshops and seminars.

Shortly after this conference I joined a US  based non-profit, Groundwork Opportunities, in Uganda, to film a short story for the Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation, whose founder, Peter Luswata, has done amazing work bringing hope to the local farming community he works with near the town of Kampala. I’m now in the final stretch of post-production on a 10 minute piece which will be donated to the organization to use as a communication tool.

In December I spoke at the TrendForum in Munich Germany where top minds in the prediction of future trends in technology, entertainment, and much more, got together to share their insights on what is coming…in the future. Shortly after, I flew to Alabama where I gave the commencement speech at the University of North Alabama and was impressed that quite a few of the students were “older” adults who had come back to college in order finish their degrees- a great example of tenacity.

This brings us to January 2010, of which I spent most of the month in New York, in meeting after meeting as I am in the development phase on two big, fun, projects. More to come. February was more of the same with a quick trip to Chile to meet with the producer of Oceanos, Patricio Polanco, for a 12 part TV series I will be co-hosting later this year down there! Very exciting expedition planned, sailing the coast of Chile exploring the relationship of people and the ocean. This will include a trip to Antarctica.

And now it’s March. Last week I spoke alongside Dr Sylvia Earle at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. It is always a true pleasure spending time with Sylvia, who last year won the TED prize- As part of this, a TED Oceans conference will be held in April in the Galapagos and I have the tremendous pleasure to have been invited. Next week- off to Wingate College to speak to the students…

So there you have it- a brief outline of the past months. I hope you will link to the people, organizations, and colleges above to see what great things they have going on. Don’t forget to support their work when and if you can- a contribution to a non-profit is always a help. Go to Groundwork Opportunities and chose Peter Luswata’s work in Uganda. Or send a donation to a college and help young adults in achieving greatness through education.



  1. I’m not sure if you are aware of the anchor museum in Spain dedicated to your uncle Philipe. It’s in Salinas, Asturias.

    Just wanted to share two pics with you.

    Unfortunately the Salinas beach is being “killed” by human buildings and the works of dredged in the near Aviles harbor……. A long white sandy beach, famous for it’s surfing, is suffering now lack of sand among other problems, that can make it to disappear. The ocean is claiming back what was hers.

    You can check it in my friend’s Claudio blog here:

    Congratulations on your work!!!


    • Thanks for this Jose- I’ll take a look at the links.

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