Posted by: Celine Cousteau | October 14, 2009

Clean Up the World- Part 2

It was Clean Up the World weekend around the world (Sept 19/20) and I was in Rio de Janeiro helping clean up Copacabana beach.

Programa Na Prai one of the Brazilian member organizations participating in the worldwide campaign, along with the first local sponsor Marriott hotel, organized a giant clean-up the beach program in Rio. With the help of the Instituto Ecologico AquaLung a city-wide project was created motivating the schools to participate in the clean-up of the beaches of Rio. Over 800 children participated in the friendly contest to see which school could pick up the most trash and win the ‘Tatui’ prize.

Volunteers ready to go.

Volunteers ready to go.

The turn-out just on Copacabana beach was quite impressive! And unfortunately, equally impressive was the amount of trash that was picked up within a few hours. What I found repulsive was the amount of cigarette butts that were found just beneath the surface of the sand. Essentially the beaches are used as ashtrays and we are walking, playing and stretching out in that ashtray.

This was a great event, with a huge turnout of people from all walks of life and as ambassador to Clean Up the World, I was so glad I could be part of this day in a meaningful, hands on way. Hopefully this event will motivate all of us to stop putting (cigarette) butts (and other garbage) in the sand so we can sit our butts on the sand without worrying about what lies beneath.

A small portion of the trash picked up that morning.

A small portion of the trash picked up that morning.


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