Posted by: Celine Cousteau | July 20, 2011

Ocean Inspiration- The After Effect

Two months ago I put on an event in honor of my grandfather Jacques Cousteau. “Ocean Inspiration” took place in New York City May 18 with an all encompassing cocktail, awards ceremony, and fundraiser and in Washington, DC May 20 there were two panels, as well as dance and live music performances. The mission of the event was to celebrate, recognize, and reward ocean advocacy in all its forms, showcasing that anyone can be an ocean advocate the moment they take the time and make the effort to defend this fragile ecosystem. This to me was the best way to honor my grandfather’s life work on the year of his 100th anniversary: pay tribute to those who are inspired by the oceans and continuing his work, each in their own way, to be the spokespeople for it’s protection.

Obviously events like this don’t happen unless companies, foundations, and individuals support it happening. Without all of them I would not have been able to make the May 18 evening what it was and importantly, I needed their contributions in order to make the May 20 forum free to the public and create the website to give everyone a view into the event. The list of individuals is long and I can only hope each of you know that you have been appreciated and are acknowledged for your support and belief in this event! From the August 18th 2010 fundraiser, to ticket purchases, to donations- all of it was instrumental. Every bit did indeed count.

It would be like speaking at the Oscars (only a little less posh) if I were to start listing everyone…yes, I may even get cut off by you clicking away or scrolling down to the next paragraph….

So all this is to say that I am thankful, I am grateful, I am humbled, I am proud, and I am ever hopeful that a piece of Ocean Inspiration has gone home with each one of you who was able to participate, enjoy, see, be, hear, and feel what this was all about.

The website is still active and you can easily browse through to get an idea what it was about- there are news links, photos, videos. The Washington, DC panels are on the website as well as my You Tube channel: CelineCousteau and the videos from the music and dance performances on May 20 are linked here. You can also join the Ocean Inspiration Facebook page! OI on FB

May the ocean continue to inspire each of you and may you chose to continue to defend and protect her, educating those around you, empowering them to become ocean advocates through whatever means possible. Now get out there and do something grand for the oceans! You both deserve it.

Below…a few photos…but check a lot of them out at Sara Stathas Photography


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