Posted by: Celine Cousteau | April 22, 2011

Earth Day- One person, One community, One planet

I was contemplating writing an entry for Earth Day…but I decided to do this instead…

As I do most mornings I have access to my computer and the web, I read the news and browsed through Twitter and saw so many good posts related to Earth Day so I thought- why not give some of these links as my contribution? Let me do some research for you- all you have to do is click, click, click…isn’t that saving energy too? So get out there and do something for this planet- it isn’t that tough really…just read on…but more importantly, follow through!

David de Rothschild’s MYOO:

Why Family Planning is Critical to Global Energy Strategy:

Reporting on the Environment, 365 Days a Year:

Bring in your travel mug to Starbucks today- and get a free coffee!

How Does Earth Day fit into your Plan?

ClimateGate: What really happened:

What happens when Earth Day and Good Friday collide:

Organic Agriculture: Science and Ecology:

12 Green Tips:

My Plastic Free Life:

No more plastic straws:

A billion Acts of Green:

Best books to Read to Celebrate Earth Day:



  1. Hello Ms. Cousteau,
    I am an avid lover of our planet and am very interested in getting involved with environmental and nature documentaries, I think education is key to bringing awareness to environmental issues and stimulating empathy for other species on our planet. Does your production company have any internships or positions available? Where could I send my CV?

    Thank you for your time.

    Alexandra Ricardel

    • Hello Alexandra- So glad to hear you are an avid lover of our planet- that kind of energy can create great change and I agree that education is key. At the moment we do not offer internships but do not let that discourage you from following through with ideas. If you have a topic you are interested in, why not pick up a video camera (does not have to be pro) and create your own story. If it’s easier, you can simply photograph and narrate over those photos using some simply software programs to create a nice ‘moving’ visual story. These days- everyone can be the communicator/journalist/activist since we have a great platform to share information on- the web. Good luck! Céline

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