Posted by: Celine Cousteau | August 7, 2010

Chile- “Oceano” Part 2– Punta de Choro

We just finished filming in Punta de Choro, Chile and within the Humboldt Penguin Marine Reserve. The water was a chilly 13 degrees C and the air a cold winter reminder. These winds were beating the shore and the sea was angry the greater part of our time there. Not good conditions for diving on the Pam Denisse wreck- a boat that sunk off the shore of Isla Choros in 2006. The ship’s fuel is still on board and we are trying to get the authorities to remove it. The money had already been secured, a company ready to get out there, but somehow in the change of government…well, paperwork and new employees mean it all got lost in bureaucracy.

One of the reasons we’re so intent on getting this done is that the ship wreck lies within the Marine Reserve – designated a protected area because the largest colony of Humboldt penguins live here, not to mention the dolphins and other cetaceans that cruise these waters. Incredible to think the environmental agencies, minister of environment, and government would not act faster considering this. If only for economic reasons, this marine reserve brings many tourists to the region, but of course the life within the reserve should be enough motivation to act.

That said, there are a lot of great things happening here, including a heightened consciousness that this area can be a great resources for the local economy, fishermen become tour guides for those seeking a bit of respite from the cities. We had great conversations with the locals, fishermen and others, and I had a great encounter with a man whose past link him to the indigenous roots of the area. Off we went on his rusty motorcycle to an area where pottery shards from time past are scattered on the ground. His home full of these memories and his spirit very much connected to the earth and the people that lived there before us. He said something that will stay with me: “Our ancestors thought about us when they acted, but we do not think about our own grandchildren.”

We are done filming chapter two of the 12-part TV series- “Oceano: Chile al Frente del Mar”. I leave today and will return late October to film three more chapters in the south: Canales del Sur, Patagonia, and Antarctica- a whole other adventure!

Abandoned ship washed up on shore.

Production beach shoot.

Slight tilt on the abandoned boat.

Wilson on the Navy boat he fiercely defends.

The team ready to go to the boat.



  1. Look forward to reading and “hearing”more : )

  2. Great work, yours. Here in Argentina, more precisely in Mendoza, where I live now, we are having major environmental problems. For example, the mega-mining in the mountain area is wreaking havoc on our natural resources and the wasteful consumption of water resources. I love the sea, gives me a peace like that I find when I meditate. Good luck in your next stage in Chile.
    Greetings from Argentina,

    Andrea Polini
    Environmental Consultant

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