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Chile- “Oceano” Part 1- Valparaiso

July 25, 2010

I am in Chile for the next 2 weeks shooting the first two chapters of a 12 part TV series called Oceano: Chile Frente al Mar. NuevoEspacio Producciones, a Chilean company, started preparing this project over 4 years ago. In December 2008 I came to Chile for the first time and met Patricio Polanco, one of the founders of the company, as well as several of the people who now make up this team. Their idea to film the Pacific Ocean, following Chile’s coast for over 4000 kms was a good one- full of adventure and possibilities. I was asked to consult on the development of the stories and added aspects of the human interaction with the ocean as well as the environmental implications of this interaction, the good and the bad. We will be filming the entire coast of Chile down to Antarctica, documenting the history of Chile and the sea, the interaction of it’s people with the ocean, and the stories of this ecosystem and the species within it.

Today we arrived in Valparaiso: helicopter aerial shoot of the port city, landing on a navy vessel, formalities with the Navy officers and disembark. Then driving around for B-roll shots of us passing in front of monuments, symbolic places, and a conversation overlooking the whole of the city from up high in it’s mountains. Because I am a foreigner on a national shoot, my own story comes into play- why Chile, what about my grandfather, how was I influenced and how he influenced Chileans. So many people tell me about their family watching his show, many people remember my uncle being on Easter Island, and I often hear: “Creci con tu abuelo”- I grew up with your grandfather. I am glad I am here to listen to their stories and through them learn more about him too.

Tomorrow will be a dive day- there are many wrecks in this famous port and we’ll get a chance to see one. Tomorrow- is another day.

Getting the helicopter ready

Reflection of César mounting a camera on the nose of the heli and me shooting.

An unfortunate consequence of big waves.

Navy ships- our heli landing zone.

My co-host for the series, Rafael Cavada.

Christian filming out the open heli door.



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