Posted by: Celine Cousteau | June 17, 2010

Jacques Yves Cousteau- 100th anniversary

This past June 11 was my grandfather’s 100th anniversary and what better way to honor him than with a dive! My father Jean-Michel, brother Fabien, and I went to the Mediterranean and joined with some of the elders of the Calypso for a dive to celebrate together, as an extended family, the life of Jacques Cousteau. Needless to say it was an absolutely amazing opportunity to share a moment underwater, and take in the life he has given all of us in some way.

I keep hearing how people grew up with my grandfather and I never tire of it. It is inspiring to think one person can touch the lives of so many. It is my hope that this can be a unifying force, together creating a positive movement for our oceans’ future. In the meantime, I will keep doing what I am doing, hoping he is watching from somewhere, perhaps not above the clouds, but maybe more appropriately below the waves. I am thankful for the life I have been given and grateful I can, in my own way, continue the work he has started. I know there were many people out there celebrating this day in their own way and that thought creates a great energy.

Merci JYC.



  1. hola! tu palabras me han emocionado mucho, gracias por mantener vivas las ilusiones de la gente que como tu, tu abuelo y yo tenemos junto al mar. Escribo desde Chile, y demás está decir que sigo el programa de televisión. Me gusta mucho que los verdaderos protagonistas del Océano sean tomados en cuenta, es hermoso ver sus testimonios. Un fuerte abrazo! tan inmenso como nuestras costas 😀

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