Posted by: Celine Cousteau | April 13, 2010

TED and Mission Blue- Galapagos April 2010

Incredible! I just spent almost a week aboard Lindblad’s National Geographic Endeavor in the Galapagos with an incredible group of dedicated scientists, ocean conservationists, advocates, lovers of the sea, musicians, and all around vibrant, motivated people. We were gathered there as the kick-off to Sylvia Earle’s TED Prize for which she created Mission Blue with the goal of creating hope spots around the world, protecting marine habitats and bringing attention to ocean issues. This is a collaborative goal, one that will only be achieved through a committed effort by non-profit organizations, industries, and individuals.

Eight working projects came out of this meeting of ocean minds and thanks to the financial support of those who joined us on this journey as advocates and donors, each project has received a big kick start. As for myself, I will be working with the education team, bringing the oceans to the schools. To hold us all accountable, I have suggested and will be involved in planning a follow-up session with the 8 designated leaders in 6 months time (October- in New York), to assess where the projects are, what has changed, and what still needs to happen.

Take a look at the TED Blog site and Mission Blue’s own website for more information.



  1. This is a project my family will be working on this summer bringing the oceans to our schools. My children are in the Avon Grove school district in Pennsyvania. I am talking with the school this week to see how I can get this into the curriculum. I was going to start at this school than with leads go to other schools.
    I have a animated screenplay Adolpho’s Magical Kingdom and will use characters and songs from this to teach. Also make the children aware of what they can do. Right now I am also working on how to get this message to the parents. The East Coast needs an awakening and I will do whatever I can to get it started. Please let me know what I can do to make this project happen
    Very grateful for all you do and now it is time for my family to be a part of this too.
    We are trying to go to the Cousteau camp in Catalina in August. We will be in San Diego and I am trying to make arrangements so we can go to the camp 2.

    • Dear Cynthia
      It seems you have the right ideas and energy- perhaps it would help to get involved in children’s environmental awareness groups- one such network is the National Lab Network. Connecting with others creates greater movement and perhaps more impact.
      Hopefully you were able to get to Catalina!
      Best- Céline

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