Posted by: Celine Cousteau | July 30, 2009

Science Museum of Virginia

The Science Museum of Virginia launched it’s Summer of Sharks on June 25. They invited me to be their keynote speaker for the evening.

The temporary exhibit includes valuable information on the world of sharks, an amazing sand sculpture with many shark species represented, and the film “Sharks” in the Museum’s IMAX DOME. The exhibit is open through November 1 and I highly recommend a visit there if you are in the area. Demystifying the shark as a mindless predator is important and the museum certainly has done a great job making this wonderful creature approachable.

Though I did not have a chance to see the rest of the museum as my visit was so quick, I have heard the rest of the museum is well worth a detour. The old converted train station makes for a majestic space and the professionalism I saw in my time there gives me complete confidence I can recommend a visit.

SharksSummer Fin!



  1. Hi Celine,

    I’ve been a HUGE fan of your grandfather for years. Don’t think I (or anyone in my family) ever missed one of his shows on PBS 🙂 Also, I never miss an issue of National Geographic as it covers everything – culture, history, animals, endangered species, environmental issues, etc. You’re a very lucky lady, you’ve actually visited and explored amazonas which is one the last remaining unspoiled areas on the planet! Chances are, you might discover one of the last stone age tribes that’s been living in isolation, that would be so cool! Anyway, I also caught your presentation at meredith college on tv and thought it was quite interesting! Well, just wanted to comment and say “hi” good luck with your undersea adventures and rain forest exploration LW 🙂

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