Posted by: Celine Cousteau | May 28, 2009

Luxembourg- Sources Rosport 50th anniversary

When Sources Rosport, a water bottling company in Luxembourg, invited me to speak at their 50th year anniversary on May 12,  I saw a unique opportunity to address an audience in a very different industry than my own about our relationship to water. But in many ways, Rosport is a great example of what such a company can do improve their practices in light of our human impact on the environment and in this particular case, specific to water. Rosport actually uses local materials for the manufacturing of their packaging, thereby decreasing their impact through lessened transportation, and they only distrubte in Luxembourg, which also decreases the impact of transportation. Needless to say perhaps, they get their water from local springs. Outside of their own company, Sources Rosport supports a local NGO, Hellef fir Natur, whose mission is to educate people about the environment, through donations and supporting local events. They also support Valorlux, a recycling program in Luxembourg. All this to say that they go beyond their own business of bottling water, but make that business include better environmental practices.

Various ministers of Luxembourg, president and dir. of marketing of Sources Rosport.

Ministers of Luxembourg, President and Dir of Marketing of Sources Rosport

I must admit that I thought most of the audience would include staff from the company and some community members. What I saw instead was a sea of ministers, deputies, company heads, and influential community members. I was told they may have to leave early as they had political duties to attend to during the election period happening at that moment. I was therefore surprised to see that only two had left. After my presentation, I was thrilled to hear that not only did they feel this had been a wonderful occasion to join me for this short ‘voyage’ into my work, through other cultures, and hear of our common human connection to the natural world and in this case with water in particular…but I was told they wanted more. More? What better compliment can one receive but that the presentation was too short? Which means it was just the right length!

What it showed me is that as humans we are innately connected to the world around us. It is indeed as my grandfather said, if we can create a sense of wonder, we can inspire people to protect- “People protect what they love”.

The audience

The audience


After my presentation, it's my turn to listen to a good story!

After my presentation, it's my turn to listen to a good story!


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